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Internationally acclaimed wines from small wineries of the highest quality - selected by professional sommeliers.

With decades of experience at the world's top restaurants, our sommeliers select some of the most sought-after wines produced by small family wineries from around the world. With an emphasis on acid-driven, lower alcohol, perfect-for-food wines from the Old World – think France, Italy, Spain, and beyond. We offer an ever-changing selection to pick up in person, deliver to your Seattle-area home, or ship far and wide.


One of the greatest losses in the winemaking world was Pio Boffa. His winemaking style brought tradition and modernity together in one of the most heralded wine regions in the world. The wines he made were exactly as he was - powerful and elegant. There are only a few more vintages of the wines Pio made to be released, and this is one of them. The great Ornato is a vineyard in Serralunga - which on its own is a region of Barolo that conveys power. This 2016 is one for the cellar, or a long hang in a decanter for a while before it opens up. Your reward is fruit, fragrance, and a powerful punch! This is a true Barolo-lovers Barolo. The wines at the property continue to be in good hands with Pio's daughter Frederica at the helm. She spent years side-by-side with her father, so I couldn't be more excited to see what else is in store. 

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SKU: Pio Cesare Barolo Ornato 2016

The 2018 Matthiason Cabernet Sauvignon comes from what they describe as "close to a perfect year as we’ve had in years." They got all the right weather when it was necessary, without too much of anything. As is their tradition for great Cab they always add a little bit of Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot. This wine is comprised of six different vineyards from all over the valley to make the perfect blend of structure, fruit, elegance, and great savory flavors. After a three-week-long, cool fermentation, the wine is aged in French Oak, with less than 20% being new. Again, they don't want to mask the amazingness of the fruit. The final product is like drinking a great Bordeaux from St. Julien and pulling the cork from a young Napa Cabernet - but if we took a time machine back to 1988. Vibrant flavors of fresh dark berries, sage, olive, and a long savory finish. We used this at a recent class, and it was the hit of the party. As you know we don't do a lot with domestic wine - but this wine I would never use the word "Domestic" in association with it. It is drinking so beautifully now, because of the balance, but will also make a wonderful addition to the cellar. 

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SKU: Matthiason Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley 2018

How often does one individual take something on the brink of extinction, make it flourish, and then have a following of people who also want to take that thing to the next level? Rarely, or never! That exact thing happened with the TImorasso grape and the Massa family. Timorasso was a disappearing grape in Peimonte, but Walter Massa saw how special this grape truly is - instead of relegating it to grappa. Their Piccolo Derthona has a few years of age, which gives it this amazing richness. It has flavors of mushy Anjou pear, flint, and a hint of nuttiness. The finish has freshness and vibrance. If you liked oaked whites, but don't want the oak, than this is what you need. 

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SKU: Timorasso Piccolo Derthona 2018

The wines of Greece have had a period of popularity that they never had before, and it is well deserved. To many, they were thought of as souvenirs or something you would just have at a Greek restaurant. Or, people would think of Retsina as the wine of Greece and that brings back thoughts of something brown and smells of Pinesol. All of this couldn't be further from the truth. The wines have been competing on the world stage of wine for years now.

My first trip to Greece to visit wineries was almost 20 years ago. Back then we only saw a few wines of high quality coming into the US. When I visited I could see the greatness, and the potential of every single winery visited. The country's wine regions are incredibly diverse, and every single place has indigenous varieties that sing about the area they are grown. One of the most incredible places in Greece to showcase their individuality is Santorini and their grape, Assyrtiko. Assyrtiko is a special grape, as it gets ripe and retains its acidity-which is rare. What that does is allows the special minerality of the island stands out - always! 

Assyrtiko is like a Stradivarius, as it has the perfect tone and is like no other. However, like a Stradivarius, you need the right person to really show why it is the best, and that person is Paris Sigalas. Paris has been pioneering the wines of Santorini for decades. He took Assytiko to new heights with his winemaking style, which I can describe only as "Pure". He also makes an oaked version of the wine, and both oaked and unoaked showcase the amazing volcanic terroir of the island. Tasting a vertical of 12 vintages, oaked and unoaked, I was stunned by all the wines I was comparing it with. For unoaked I was mentioning the top Grand Cru of Chablis, and for the oaked, I was talking about wineries like Haut-Brion and Mission Haut-Brion. There is an intensity of fruit that sticks out on the nose, which combines with an intense flintiness - reminiscent of striking a fire starter. The texture is like lemon curd with a beautiful chalkiness that lingers on the tongue, and the finish stays for what feels like a decade. 

A wine like this competes with the top whites in the world, and thankfully it doesn't have its price. This will become an addition to your list of favorites. 

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SKU: Sigalas Santorini 19

Burlotto is synonymous with the town of Verduno, in Barolo. In rare fashion, all of their wines are incredibly sought-after, as they give the same care to a single-vineyard Barolo as they do their Freisa. Speaking of Freisa, Verduno is also home to the great Palaverga grape, which like Freisa is a very fragrant, easy-drinking wine that is so tasty - and Burlotto is the master of it. They have been innovators in Barolo since their inception in the 19th century and were the sole supplier of wine to the house of Savoy. They were also the first to perfect Barolo in the bottle, long before most switched from using demi-john. The Cannubi is the only single-vineyard Barolo they produce that is not located in Verduno. The Cannubi vineyard is located in the town of Barolo, surrounded by a veritable who's who in the world of Barolo, such as Bartolo Mascarello, Pira e Figli, and many others. It is known for being an exceptional breed that delivers a balance of power, freshness, and elegance. It is also one of the most age-worthy vineyards in all of Barolo. 

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Sandrone is a winery we have spoken about often, and we now have their last read release for this year. We have their amazing Valmaggiore Nebbiolo. This vineyard is outside of Barolo in the famed region of Roero, in Piemonte. It has the structure of Sandrone's winemaking, as well as some of the more plush fruit that is seen in Roero. They make a small amount, just like their Barolo's, and this is one you should snap up right away. It disappears very quickly, and people wait for its release every year. 

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SKU: Luciano Sandrone "Valmaggiore" Nebbiolo 2019

In some parts of the world, like New Zealand or Sancerre, producers can't keep up with the demand for Sauvignon Blanc. But in the Grande Dame areas of Bordeaux, for whatever reason, the region is still trying to find its identity. Maybe it's because the excitement for the reds overshadows the whites, or perhaps there has been a lack of focus for white - with low acidity and too much oak. However, there are incredible Sauvignon Blanc discoveries to be had for those who search.

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SKU: BTL Couhins Pessac Leognan 16

There are few wine regions where one name is associated with producing wines of all levels while having none of them be a "filler" or a "simple" wine, and at the same time being heralded as one of those to revive an entire region with not only his wines but others as well. Yet, Priorat has Álavaro Palacios! 

The Palacios family is renowned in Rioja, where they have produced some of the most incredible wines for generations. Their winemaker in the '70s was René Barbier, and he was a visionary for Rioja and life. This brought him to a region that time had almost forgotten, Priorat. This small area was founded in the 12th century by the Carthusian Monastery of Scala Dei. The main village of Gratallops and the surrounding seven villages became feudal land run by the church. It was at this time when the hills of the area were terraced and planted with the best grapes of the area - many of which we know today internationally, but they mutated to create area-specific clones. 

Fast-forward to René rediscovering this land, and its amazing varieties. After the region became recognized as an appellation in Spain during the fifties not much else really happened. Most of the wines were made in cooperatives, as the villages still had small plots run by the families. René brought in Álavaro, as well as a few others to run the cooperative, as well as invest in vineyards. The idea was to elevate the region and what it had to offer. Álvaro's first site was called Finca Dofi. The first release was mindblowing, yet still unknown. Finca Dofi was and still is, made with primarily Garnacha and a little bit of Samsó - the local name for Carignane. In 1993 Alvaro release the first vintage of wine from another vineyard he had purchased, and it was called "L'Ermita" after the small chapel at the top of the hill. This wine changed the face of the region and catapulted it into infamy. 

Álavro continued to buy up land across all seven villages, as he noticed they all showcased fruit in different ways. He began to look at the region like the villages and crus of Burgundy - and began bottling many individually. He kept the spirit of the monks by utilizing all native grapes. He also has tried to retain the individuality of each plot and its special soils. The primary soil, and most well-known, is called llicorella. This soil is a combination of black slate, quartz, and mica. There are also variations of shist which are in different vineyards. The other main component of his crus is the aspect and climate. There are many different slopes, facing all different directions, which lend themselves to different flavors and levels of intensity. After studying those vineyards for years Álvaro decided he didn't want to be known for just high-end wine, so he made "Les Terrasses." This was supposed to be an inexpensive wine that was easy to drink. Time has changed that, and now Terrasses is more similar to how the great wines of Barolo used to be - a perfect blend of villages. 

Named after the ancient terraces of the land, "Les Terrasses" encapsulates the ripeness, fragrance, and structure of all seven villages. All of his prime vineyards are used for this ethereal combination of florals, fruit, and spice. L'Ermita and Fina Dofi are some of the most difficult-to-find wines in the world. They are incredibly sought-after and have the prices to match. "Les Terrasses" is akin to buying a Ferrari, but you only have to pay the Fiat price. This wine has such a breed in its flavor that you can recognize it from the first sip. Pull the cork tonight, or in ten years. 

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SKU: Álavaro Palacios "Les Terrasses" Priorat 2018

Brovia is a winery which we absolutely love at the shop! Their Barolo and other Piemontese red varieties were the little secret sommeliers loved to hold near and dear, because they didn't want everyone getting their hands on it - making it scarce. When you didn't think they could best themselves they go and make a wine which absolutely does, and that is their Arneis. This wine is such a beautifully addictive wine. It has the combination of preserved citrus, with a hint of richness on the finish, which can be compared to marzipan. The town of Roero can be hit or miss, but like we say here in the shop, "It is all about the producer." This is one of those times where it is not only true, but it exceeds any expectation. 

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SKU: Brovia Arneis

This is a rare occasion when we offer a new world wine from the United States. At the shop, we will carry a few wines made by friends, and those that represent a certain style, or regional focus with such gusto we can't not share what they are doing. In this case, we have both!

In 1975 Tim Hamilton Russell purchased an estate near the Cape of Good Hope in Walker Bay. He was looking for a cool climate area to plant grapes and hopefully make some of the best wines in South Africa. Fast forward to 1991 when Tim's son, Anthony, took over the property and realized that Pinot Noir and Chardonnay should be the only focus on the property - given the cool climate. In 1994 he took the idea of site-specific wines one step further and had an in-depth soil study done of all 300+ acres of the estate. He wasn't trying to copy Burgundy, but he did learn from how the monks delineated the land centuries ago to discover the greatness of site-specificity. It is with this knowledge he now produces some of the best wines coming out of South Africa. 

We fast-forward again to the present, and another area that has spent decades working on site-specificity through many wineries, and that is the Willamette Valley in Oregon. This region started as just Willamette Valley, but has now been broken down further into many subregions, and even more with all the amazing single vineyards which are well-known throughout the area. In the Eola-Amity Hills region, there is a vineyard that has become synonymous with great Pinot Noir, and that is Zena Crown. It has been used by the top wineries in the area for years due to its perfect south-facing slope, as well as volcanic soil. It is at this spot that Anthony chose to break out of his comfort zone and make Pinot Noir outside of South Africa. 

Today's offering is like listening to Eric Clapton when he plays on his classic Fender Stratocaster, as well as when he picks up his Gibson ES-355. This is a duo of tones! We are offering two different vineyards, from two different countries, which are made by the same hand in the same way. Anthonys' wines reflect elegance, aromatics, as well as capture the cool climate with perfectly ripe fruit that still has a bit of zip to it. He ties this all together with a balanced amount of new wood to accentuate the natural spice, but not mask the vineyard. Crack them both open at the same time, and you get "White Room" and "Layla" all at once!


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SKU: Hamilton Russell Walker Bay/Willamette Pinots

While we tend to stick to traditionalists in winemaking to put on our shelves there is absolutely no way we could turn our gaze away from this wine. Chiara Boschis comes from a family which symbolizes tradition in Barolo and was the proprietors of the famed Borgogno estate. Now she is the winemaker of E. Pira e Figli, which produce some of the most exceptional wines in and around the town of Barolo. The only thing which is a departure from tradition is her use of new French oak - which can be a bit polarizing to some. In the case of this "Via Nuovo" it is most certainly not! Via Nuovo started as a single vineyard wine across from the winery which is on what was called "The New Road" or Via Nuovo. Now she dedicates this name to the tradition of Barolo, and that is by blending different regions within the appellation to create one great wine. The 2016 has richness, florals, power, spice, and more adjectives which I don't have a big enough vocabulary to add more great descriptors. The only one I will add is the wonderful scent of hazelnuts, which come from the new wood. Ironically hazelnuts are a staple that grows in the area, and if you are near the town of Alba you can smell them being toasted at the Ferrero Factory - a scent that is reminiscent of this wine. 

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Now for something completely different - the Roussillon, a rugged area of mountains and beaches on the Spanish border. There is a fascinating history to the region. Rumors abound that the Phoneceans brought vines to the area around 600 BC. Many think the Roussillon is the birthplace of Grenache, the found grape of the Southern Rhone. 

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SKU: Roc des Anges 1903 Carignan