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We seek wine from winemakers who meticulously and sustainably work the land in proven vineyards; winemakers who use more natural, traditional techniques to produce their wines; winemakers who create wines that speak of a specific place. Join our mailing list for more information.



Internationally acclaimed wines from small wineries of the highest quality - selected by professional sommeliers.

With decades of experience at the world's top restaurants, our sommeliers select some of the most sought-after wines produced by small family wineries from around the world. With an emphasis on acid-driven, lower alcohol, perfect-for-food wines from the Old World – think France, Italy, Spain, and beyond. We offer an ever-changing selection to pick up in person, deliver to your Seattle-area home, or ship far and wide.


Any visitor to the Four Eleven Wine Shop will instantly recognize how much we love Nebbiolo and the wines of Piedmont.  While Nebbiolo is certainly the headliner of the region in Barolo and Barbaresco, other varieties also make delicious wines for both shorter and longer-term drinking.  Many wine consumers are familiar with other varieties in Piedmont, like Arneis from Roero, or the Barbera d’Alba (Yum, truffles…) but Dolcetto is still a relatively obscure wine. We would bet if you asked 50 sommeliers what are the last 50 wines you drank, Dolcetto would appear maybe once or twice on the entire list. If that…  Why is this so? Perhaps because Dolcetto is a difficult variety in the vineyard and many examples are over-extracted and simple, with black fruits, high tannins, and a lack of acidity.  However, if you speak with many winegrowers in Piedmont, and this was also true historically, they will tell you that Dolcetto graces their table more so than Barbera or Nebbiolo.  For a long time, vignerons proclaimed “sell the Nebbiolo, drink the Dolcetto.”

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SKU: San Fereolo "San Fereolo" Dogliani, Piemonte 2012

Visiting Lopez de Heredia is akin to stepping back 100 years in time. In fact, upon our first visit, our thought was, “This is a nice museum. Where is the real winery?” The building hasn’t changed much since the late 1800s, with large wooden tanks everywhere, some almost 100 years old. Heredia is not like a pristine, eat-off-the-floor, spotless Napa winery. But there is magic in the mold, and the wines of Lopez de Heredia are spectacular. As with other regions like Barolo or Brunello, there is a tug of war between traditional producers and modern producers. Lopez de Heredia is a poster child of traditionalism - early harvest, large vat wood fermentation, neutral oak, earthly wines with ample acidity. New oak is never a consideration.  To us, these are the most important wines being made in Rioja today.

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We have a mantra at Sunday Wine that the most important thing about wine is always the producer first, then the region. A stunning producer in a lesser region will always be more interesting than a lazy producer in an outstanding region. But there are some regions where all producers tend to shine, mainly because a regional pride pushes all to excel. Chianti Classico is one of these regions in which just picking any Chianti Classico almost certainly guarantees a solid bottle of wine. Note the word "Classico" is imperative here. The word Chianti alone, or various other words after Chianti can be like Mr. Toad's Wild Adventure.

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South Africa might not be the first choice for wine for most wine consumers. Though mass-produced generic Sauvignon Blancs appear in duty-free shops worldwide, the best wines stay in South Africa or perhaps make their way to London or New York, especially as many are produced in micro quantities. A few years ago, a trip to South Africa was a revelation, especially for Chenin Blanc, Cinsault, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah. The Swartland, in particular, is one of the most exciting wine regions anywhere, especially for Syrah.

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SKU: Mullineux "Granite" Syrah, South Africa 2016

When many hear "Beaujolais," they only think of the historical pink bubblegum juice flown on the Concorde on the third Thursday of November. Definitely not what we are talking about here. Beaujolais in the past decade underwent a revolution, with many new wineries and a massive leap in quality. Today, the region is not only one of the best values globally; there are many world-class examples capable of long-term aging.

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SKU: Thivin Cote de Brouilly Cuvee Zacharie 2019

Vincent Paris has risen to great heights in Cornas in both vineyards and accolades. He produces three different wines from Cornas, and they aren't about good, better, or best. They are about location and aspect. La Geynale is his small plot which has the darkest fruit and is blended with some of the heralded Reynard vineyard. The other two wines are named solely on their slope and elevation. Those wines are called "Granit 30" and "Granit 60". The number is the degrees of the slope, and of course, the soil is the special granite that is so heralded in Cornas. This "Granit 30" is cropped to 4 bunches per vine and this concentrates the already amazingly concentrated fruit of his wines. They have a bit of new world flare with this intensity, but the wines scream Cornas on the nose and palate. 

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SKU: Vincent Paris Granit

We have offered a couple of different wines from Domaine de Collier and they have both been the estate's amazing Chenin Blanc. This time we get the privilege of offering you one of his amazing reds. La Ripaille is made with Cabernet Franc from vines that range from 30 to 80 years of age. The only other red Antoine produces is "Charpentrie" from 100+ aged vines. The wines are made completely organic, and for added protection, there is a 12th-century wall that separates his vines from the neighbors - so no chemicals can reach his vines. This wine is like Burgundy, but Cabernet Franc. Layers, upon layers of fruit, herbs, and spice join together in this wine to make for a beautiful bottle. You want a wine for your spring vegetable dishes with added meat - this is what you need!

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SKU: BTL Collier Saumur Ripaille
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SKU: Hubert Lignier Clos de la Roche Grand Cru

Our wine today, one of the best values we discovered in 2021 and a by-the-glass offering at Four Eleven in Seattle, is made from the younger wines of Terrebrune's vineyards. The wine labeled "Terre d'Ombre" is spectacular. Composed of 80% Mourvedre, 10% Grenache and 10% Cinsault, the wine is perfect for Tuesday dinner as well as a celebratory Sunday supper. It has richness and finesse. A combination of fresh, vibrant fruit, along with flavors of a strawberry/raspberry chutney with the perfect amount of spice. With eight years of age it is drinking like a wine 5 times its price - and it is perfect on its own, too. 

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SKU: Terrebrune Ombre
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SKU: Lignier Morey St. Denis "Les Chaffots" 1 Cru