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Offering the best, hardest to find, and most sought-after wines from around the world a few times a week selected by sommeliers.

We seek wine from winemakers who meticulously and sustainably work the land in proven vineyards; winemakers who use more natural, traditional techniques to produce their wines; winemakers who create wines that speak of a specific place. Join our mailing list for more information.



Internationally acclaimed wines from small wineries of the highest quality - selected by professional sommeliers.

With decades of experience at the world's top restaurants, our sommeliers select some of the most sought-after wines produced by small family wineries from around the world. With an emphasis on acid-driven, lower alcohol, perfect-for-food wines from the Old World – think France, Italy, Spain, and beyond. We offer an ever-changing selection to pick up in person, deliver to your Seattle-area home, or ship far and wide.


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SKU: Matthiason Ribolla Gialla

We obviously love Syrah - a lot. Both founders of 411 have many acres of Syrah planted in Walla Walla. When not drinking the great wines of Washington, we always look to the Rhone Valley, to Cote Rotie, Hermitage, and St Joseph. St Joseph might not be at the top of everyone's lips regarding the best Syrah appellations. Truth be told, unlike Cote Rotie and Hermitage, some St Joseph sites are sub-par. The region is large, twisting and turning as it follows the Rhone river south. Many vineyards are simply planted in the wrong spot  - on lesser soils or facing the wrong direction. So quality is variable. However, another class of St Joseph exists. Grown in the right place, most likely at the most southern end of the appellation, near Hermitage,  the wines rival or exceed the best of the Northern Rhone's most famous areas.

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SKU: Thierry Allemand "Reynard" Cornas

To add to our rarities today we offer you one of the most sought-after red wines from the Northern Rhône - Thierry Allemand Cornas "Chaillot". The Chaillot is comprised of vines from Chaillot, as well as some of the "Younger" vines from Reynard. Younger is a relative term, as the average age of vines going into this bottling is 40 years old. The Reynard vineyard is substantially older than that if that is any indication of Thierry's vines' ages. Those who know Allemand can rest assured you can't find this many places. We get our special few bottles and pass them along to you. These go for decades and have been some of our best wine experiences ever. 

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SKU: Thierry Allemand "Chaillot" Cornas
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SKU: Ferrando "White Label" Carema

A traditionalist Barbaresco with an impeccable pedigree! Thankfully still a part of the "unknown" or "in-the-know" community - so it is still an incredible deal. Single Cru. Double Digits. Brilliant!

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SKU: Spinona Barbaresco 2013