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Colombera & Garella "Vispavolo" Vespolina 2020

Colombera & Garella
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In northern Piemonte are the regions that used to be called the Spanna regions. Spanna is the local dialect for Nebbiolo. Here the Nebbiolo is unlike most which people have had, as it is lighter, has freshness, and a delicate intensity - while also showing the power it has become well-known for having. Because of this more delicate style, the wineries would add a few other varieties to add richness and color, and those were Vespolina and Bonarda. It was, and still is rare for a winery to make either of these as a single-variety bottling, but when one does and it is mind-blowing. Colombera & Garella makes a stunning version of Vespolina that is named after the local dialect called "Vispavolo." The wine has power and richness with a beautiful cedar characteristic. As if you walked into a humidor with the most exceptional cigars. It is such an ethereal thing.