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E. Pira e Figli "Via Nuova" Barolo, Chiara Boschis 2016

E. Pira e Figli
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While we tend to stick to traditionalists in winemaking to put on our shelves there is absolutely no way we could turn our gaze away from this wine. Chiara Boschis comes from a family which symbolizes tradition in Barolo and was the proprietors of the famed Borgogno estate. Now she is the winemaker of E. Pira e Figli, which produce some of the most exceptional wines in and around the town of Barolo. The only thing which is a departure from tradition is her use of new French oak - which can be a bit polarizing to some. In the case of this "Via Nuovo" it is most certainly not! Via Nuovo started as a single vineyard wine across from the winery which is on what was called "The New Road" or Via Nuovo. Now she dedicates this name to the tradition of Barolo, and that is by blending different regions within the appellation to create one great wine. The 2016 has richness, florals, power, spice, and more adjectives which I don't have a big enough vocabulary to add more great descriptors. The only one I will add is the wonderful scent of hazelnuts, which come from the new wood. Ironically hazelnuts are a staple that grows in the area, and if you are near the town of Alba you can smell them being toasted at the Ferrero Factory - a scent that is reminiscent of this wine. 

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