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Olivier Morin Bourgogne Aligoté 2019

Olivier Morin Bourgogne Aligoté 2019
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Olivier Mornin is one of those really cool people that is an outlier, in both vineyard locations and what he is doing. He has vineyards located outside of Chablis, and all over the Yonne. Even though many of those wines are designated as "Bourgogne" they are far from it. Aligoté is usually treated simply in both winemaking and consumption. It is the wine behind the "Kir", as it was so tart that people would add currant liqueur. But, when it is handled like any other great grape it can shine. Since it is an outlier you will never have to pay great appellation prices. This wine has intense citrus, green apple, and quince flavors, with great minerality coming from the terroir that is in his vineyards - which also happens to be the same great chalk of Chablis. This wine has become a favorite of many in the shop and we felt it was our duty to show it to you. This is the next house wine for you!

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