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T & P Matro Blagny "La Piece Sous le Bois 1er Cru" Burgundy 2016

T & P Matro Blagny
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SKU: Matro Blagny "La Piece Sous le Bois 1er Cru"

This wine is singing loud! Matrot's wines, both red and white, can be powerful and backward in their youth. Their Corton-Charlemagne can take yours before even expressing a little bit of its personality. Their reds had been the same for a long time but in many cases even more austere. When you take the already backward wines coming from Beaune, which are beautiful but can be polarizing, and you add that to Matrot's power it would be hard to drink for a long while. That has changed! A new approach to the reds has made them much more approachable in a handful of years vs. a decade. This great premier cru is the perfect example of how power can combine with elegance. Blagny is a hamlet within Meursault. There is the Meursault-Blagny white, but for Pinot Noir, it is called "Blagny". The same mineral soil that gives the wine intensity for reds and white is at the heart of this one. At six years of age, it is showing its ample fruit, mineral texture, and some newer wood to round it all out. A drinker and a keeper. 

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Pinot Noir